the door

As I approached the big black door I felt scared because it was almost midnight and I was just in my backyard. I finally got to the door and my hands are shaking as I’m about to touch the doorknob and I’m feeling really scared as I’m thinking about what is behind the door. I finally open the door “Huh, it’s just the regular world behind it.”

Haunted corn maze

One time i went to a haunted corn maze with my Mom and step Dad and my mom went running out of, and it reminded me of a time when we went to a diffrent haunted corn maze but this one was not as scary because my mom did not go running. Then in the other haunted houses were very scary because i came yelling out of them, but for some reason my was not scared in any of the other ones.

The statues

One day i was walking to the park and i came across three statues, to be honest i did not now what they were, or what they were for. I looked at them for a long time but i still could not figure them out. I looked at them for a little bit longer i saw that they looked like types of animals in dresses. After that i looked at them a little bit longer but for some reason i still could not get it out of my head that they were animals with dresses. I could not figure them out so i went to the park.